What is Holistic Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is derived from the Greek words Psyche ( soul ) and Therapeia ( to care for ). Holistic comes from Holos, which means total or whole. Holistic psychotherapy is a in-depth process which enables transformation of emotional, mental or spiritual challenges into opportunities for growth, success and happiness. These challenges vary from psychological issues like depression and anxiety, to difficult relationships, addictions and emotional issues such as helplessness, guilt, loneliness, anger etc.
Holistic approach in therapy is very important. As humans we experience life at different levels. When we are at ease in our thought level, emotional level and physical level we are in a state of well being. The moment we experience a challenge in any of these areas, we loose our balance and become dis-eased. Most of the times we restore the balance with the help of friends and family, but sometimes we are unable to do so. That’s when we need to seek professional help.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy

Most of our issues are thinking disorders, be it addictions, fears & phobias, weight related issues, confidence and self-worth, intimacy and relationships, or negative thought patterns. Our mind consists of conscious and unconscious parts.Consciously we all are aware of what we would like to experience and how we would like to live our lives at its best. But unconsciously we self sabotage ourselves and the result is usually very different from what we consciously intend.

Hypnotherapy is a process of working with the unconscious mind to identify and change deep rooted limiting beliefs that govern un-resourceful behaviors and thereby create more choices in life. With the help of hypnotherapy we can achieve to be the best of ourselves by making conscious and unconscious believe in the same thing and operate as a highly resourceful team.


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