Walter Penaloza

Banker, UAE

“Irina is a great teacher. I did Hypnotherapy level 2 and 3 and it was a great experience. I learned a lot from her. She is very knowledgeable and she is able to explain in a simple way yet very precise as well. She also did a hypnotherapy session on me and it helped me clear a lot of stuff in my subconscious basement as well as understand my voids with a higher meaning. I highly recommend Irina as hypnotherapist and as a teacher”

Sara Aldred


I first met Irina during some hypnotherapy training.
Irina has a broad and extensive knowledge around the whole spirituality umbrella and I have learnt a lot from her. She is also very friendly and easy to talk to.
I would recommend Irina wholeheartedly and can’t wait to start my next level of hypnotherapy training with her.

Mariam Bartawi

Theta Healer

Irina is one of my favorite facilitators in the healing and spirituality. I have traveled all the way to India to participate in one of the retreats with her. It was a life changing experience.There is lot to learn from her.  Her direct approach, honesty and clarity is unique. I have realized a lot about my patterns in life and had enough tools to have more choices.

Sofia Varas

Cabin Crew

Irina has given me the tools to change my life. As a therapist, she has the ability and knowledge to make you see things in a perspective. She has empowered me to overcome fears and to live a happier life. I have seen an overall improvement in my career and finance and most importantly in my relationships.

Aigul Oz


“In just short time, I learned a lot from Irina that I will use over a lifetime. This course is great for anyone. I highly recommend it.

Thank you Irina for positive experience”

Niloufer Rohira


Sharing my experience with Irina Khanna as a therapist at Illuminations India, Pune.

I made the decision to go to Irina on the recommendation of a friend and I have to say it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I began that journey filled with fear, trepidation and apprehension but thanks to Irina’s patient and comforting counselling, my fears were quickly dispelled. She was firm but understanding, funny but sensible and most of all helped me free myself from an addiction to which I was a slave for 30 years. No words can convey the gratitude I feel so I’ll have to make do with a heartfelt “Thank you”

Joshua Dsouza


It’s been almost a year and thanks to Dr.Irina my life has turned a complete 360. I have lost 30 kg. Physically fitter . Mentally happier and career wise more dedicated and focused. I am grateful that she could help me to get rid of my addiction.

If you really want to change your life it’s as simple as asking for help and she is the perfect person to go to.

And today I can proudly say that I am a non smoker and I am not an alcoholic.

Thank you Irina, you have made a huge difference in my life.

Manisha Nihalani

Fashion Designer

My session of family constellation was superb experience, it’s help me grow as a person and spiritually, something within me changed…. I felt  lighter. I could fight my own battles with more conviction. The process made me look at life in a better way I have become less critical.
Irina is a superb facilitator, she is really helpful makes sure you look at the brighter side of life and work on self growth.

It’s been wonderful knowing her … thanks for everything gratitude from the bottom of my heart

Girija Yervadekar

Fitness Coach

Such a blissful experience to have this family constellation session with you. Being an enthusiast of healing modalities it was a delicious and magical experience. I loved the way it was presented and the personal experience that I had. It was wonderful to see the shift happening with the issue I dealt with in practical aspect.
And most importantly I love Irina’s vibrant personality and her way to approach each and every one in the workshop.  Blessed to have her and attend the constellation.
Love and Gratitude

Anca Nitoi

Therapist, Romania

I meet Irina a year ago when I sign up for Hypnotherapy  training course in Illumination. Her knowledge is seen from both theory and experience. She is a wonderful teacher, her confidence is contagious and she helped me to try the techniques without fear, considering that the whole concept was new too me. She is an inspiration.

Jo-Dee Walmsley

U.K CEO of Simply Laughter

WOW!!  They say timing is everything and this is so true.  I had the honor to meet Irina Khanna when I started my journey into self-realization.  What an inspiration she was and what a huge difference she has made to my life and the way I think now.  I completed my Hypnotherapy training levels 1 – 4 with her and I have never looked back.  I was so grateful that SHE was the one training me – I knew from the get go I was in good hands.

Her way of seeing the world and her knowledge is unbeatable.  Through her vast experience as a therapist and trainer she is a gold mine of information.  She knows how to push your buttons to get you to think differently and to come up with discoveries you would never have made alone.

I also experienced Family Constellation, which is something I had no clue about.  It was a fantastic experience and Irina is an amazing facilitator, which helped me get to the core of my problem.

I would without a doubt recommend Irina to anyone.

Devanjali Sarkar

Multi Artist and Art Therapy Facilitator

Irina is precious, both as a therapist and a trainer/coach. Essentially its her alertness, sharp insight and signature humour which has time and again rescued me from sinking and finding light in testing situations.

Over the past years, Irina has been coaching me through some very critical transitions in my life and I could not have navigated through these changes with as much honesty and grace without her help. Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of such change and face the fears that have hindered me so much in the past.

As an aspiring Art therapist myself, she remains an inspiration, to the level of positive energy and attention she  brings into the room every single time.

Our discussions are forever in my memory and her sensitive, open and insightful coaching I value sincerely and look forward to imbibe. Personally she is as a true role model for me inside the practise of Therapy and Coaching.

Sanjay Saraswat


My family was in deep grief after the loss of my 18 year old son in a simple appendicitis surgery which led to liver failure. Life had stopped having any meaning. Therapy by Irina ma’am helped me my wife and daughter to come out of it.Now we feel very peaceful and happy.

Rahul Hotelier


“I was a smoker for 18 years and had tried a couple of times to quit. With Irina I had five day, Monday to Friday sessions for smoking cessation. On the third day, wed the 15th of July 2011, I stopped. It’s been a year and a half and incredibly even the craving never once came back. Today i am in the best shape of my life, have lost 50 lbs, ran a mini marathon and feel as fit as I’ve ever been. Thank you Irina, you changed my life.” – Rahul.

Tricia Batliwalla

Therapist, Canada

Dear Irina,

You kept me sane in those last few days that I spent in india before moving to Canada. Without your sessions I would never have got it all together.

I have also recently started my hypnosis practice, www.lightsideup.ca  in Toronto and have over 100 clients now. All thanks to you and the sessions we had. I have also lost 20lbs and am loosing weight every week even though I am not really working on it. I just seem to be lighter on the scale each week.

You have touched my life in so many little ways that Thank-you becomes such a small word.

My best to you always


Amruta Sardesai

Clinical Psychologist, Pune

“Irina is one of the most wonderful and patient teachers I have met and I am very lucky to have learned hypnotherapy from her. I admire her for the way she conceptualizes a case. She has an ability to think out of the box, an ability i have seen in very few people. I was also lucky to have had a chance to attend other workshops with her where her quest for knowledge simply amazed me.”

Holly De Lacey

Irina used a variety of therapeutic techniques which were able to very quickly trigger an internal change, this new shift in awareness allowed for an understanding into the nature of the underlying problem easily, and propagated many further insights. I appreciated Irina’s style which is to go straight to the source of the problem without the need for exhaustive therapy, her ability to understand so quickly what is being conveyed, as well as her deep understanding of the mind and related matters.

Shubhangni Seth

Clinical Psychologist, Australia

“My association with Irina began as a lovely coincidence. I happened to join level 1 of clinical hypnosis by chance after having just quit my job as a clinical psychologist. It seemed as if I had lost all purpose but her magnetism drew me to class. I had heard praises of her before even joining hypnotherapy. She is a dynamic person with creative and innovative ideas. Her out-of-the box ways of teaching, thinking and living life evidently make her a shining example of a role model to be revered. She is extremely patient and her knowledge is so vast that answering all queries is simply easy for her. She has ways of making everyone comfortable and at ease and her classes are always interactive.
I consider her an authority on her subject and consult her often.
In one word, she is brilliant.”

Payal Rhodes

Head of Visual Merchandising
Splash, Landmark group, Dubai

‘Irina is a fantastic hypnotherapist. I have gone under hypnotherapy 3 times now(once in London & two times in Dubai). Between the three- two didn’t work but one did. And that one was by Irina Khanna. I find Irina very effective- she understands individual client very well and works in sync with clients orientation/ belief system. I quit smoking with her help. And if in future I need help with my subconscious, I will definitely go for Irina’.

Gratitude & Love,
Payal Rhodes
Head of Visual Merchandising
Splash, Landmark group, Dubai