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Dr. Irina Khanna is a holistic mental health practitioner, clinical hypno psychotherapist. Her qualifications include a Bachelors in Dental Surgery, Masters in Psychotherapy, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. She is a certified Family constellation facilitator and a NLP trainer certified by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. Irina runs certified trainings for doctors, therapists and mental health practitioners in clinical Hypnosis and NLP. She is a very experienced relationship coach and works with thousands of people across the globe. Irina began her carrier 15 years ago when she has experienced challenges in her life due to auto immune disorder. This led her to intensive research in many modalities related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Using these methods herself she could restore her health completely. Her approach towards holistic health & wellbeing is very unique, designed by combining various techniques and modalities. Irina has helped many to quit addictions, to restore harmony in relationships, to eliminate aches, pains, manage chronic disorders, to create a healthy lifestyle, resolve weight related issues and to reach their personal & professional goals. She runs workshops on relationships, parenting, freedom from depression and anxiety, emotional intelligence, increase focus and concentration, Mindfulness etc…

Irina is originally from Georgia. She lives in India with her beautiful family for more then 20 years. She travels all over the world, training people and facilitating life changing experiences for her clients.

She works in Pune INDIA, Dubai UAE, Tbilisi GEORGIA and also conducts online sessions.

Member of

American Hypnosis Association

International Medical & Dental
Hypnotherapy Association

International Trainers Academy of NLP

International Systemic Constellation Association


irina khanna

Irina Khanna

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